Staycation 2020

Covid-19 has restricted how and where we will travel for the summer of 2020.   In Canada, provincial borders are only open to essential travel. When travelling through some provinces, you cannot stop for groceries, you must keep going to your destination.    This could change by July but in the meantime provincial tourism departments are heavily promoting staying at home and discovering the treasures of your own province.

In any family or friend travel group people have different likes and dislikes.  Some people love the beach, others prefer a pool.  Some love exploring historic sites, others like staged entertainment.   Before you set your plans, if you sit and understand each other, it can save a lot of headaches, arguments and bad feelings.   One could argue, if you don’t like what we’re doing, don’t go with us.   But as you know there is always that person that wants to be included even though they will not like your plans, or after you make plans they try to convince others in the group to do something different, especially in dining options.

As an Explorer Quotient Authorized Trainer (EQAT) for Destination Canada, I am familiar with the different traveler profiles created by the organization to help tourism agencies and companies research the demographics and psychographics of their target audience and how to market to them.  In fact, one of the other trainers get her friends to take the EQ questionnaire before they vacation so each of their friends can have a greater understanding of which excursions and other activities will appeal to the friend group.  By knowing people’s travel habits,  there will hopefully be no surprises,  and it can avoid heated or non-heated discussions.  Everyone wants a vacation where everyone is happy and having a good time.

Destination Canada has an online quiz for people to take:

The quiz takes less than five minutes.  Here’s how I scored:

What’s your travel type?


Staycation 2020

Gentle explorer

In the world of explorers, you are a Gentle Explorer.  You like returning to past destinations and enjoy the security of familiar surroundings.   You seek the most comfortable places when you get away and avoid the unknown.   Well-organized travel packages and guided tours that take care of all the details appeal to you – travel should be fun, not extra work!   And if it’s fun, chances are you’ll be back. You are:

  • conservative
  • reliable
  • traditional
  • solitary
  • selective
  • discriminating
  • fun-loving

Most likely to be seen at

  • branded hotels
  • hotel pool
  • spa
  • cottage
  • organized tour
  • main attractions
  • golfing/fishing

Travel values

  • comfort – seek familiar surroundings
  • package travel – like organized tours that leave decision making to others
  • selective – desire luxury, exclusivity and pampering
  • structure – prefer pre-planned trips that leave little room for error

This quiz isn’t a hundred percent fool proof as I like travelling to new places and often will stay at an Air BnB and you will not see me golfing or fishing.   However, if you are a business and your target market is a gentle explorer, you know that they like packaged tours.   You can design a packaged a tour or work with tour operators.

Take the quiz, see what type of explorer you are and compare with your family or friends.   Knowing your explorer type can greatly help plan your Staycation.

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