Afternoon at the Halifax Citadel

The clouds parted in Halifax and the sun came out.  Too nice to stay home.  I ventured to the iconic landmark in Halifax, the Citadel Hill.   No matter what city you live in,  usually the only time residents become tourists is when they have friends and relatives visiting.   For Canada 150,  all Parks Canada sites have free admission.  Locals really need to revisit this jewel in Halifax.  This year, Parks Canada has set up World War One displays and the Army Museum has be revitalized.  It’s great to see for all, especially right now. My mother’s cousin, at 20-years-old, died on the battlefield in France during  World War One.  My Dad and uncles fought in World War Two, they survived such battles as the   liberation Holland and the massacre at Juno Beach.  They would be horrified today to see young men holding swastika flags.   The Army Museum within the Fortress is a must learning experience for local and visitors alike.

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