What To Do On a Rainy Day in Toronto?

I lived in Toronto for many years, but I have never been to the Toronto Zoo.  During a trip to the city last May, my plans to go to the zoo got derailed by the cold and rain.   What else new-to-me can I explore? Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada had been suggested in the past,  but living in Nova Scotia,  I am surrounded by a living aquarium.   However,  it was really cold in Toronto for May and I didn’t bring warm clothes with me so walking around neighbourhood events or the Kensington market was out.

I hummed and hawed,  walk up tickets for the aquarium are $33 for an adult,  cheaper if you buy online. If better planned out,  the aquarium also has special events such as paint night and featured jazz bands.    I decided to go and take the Spadina to Habourfront street cars.  The Toronto Transit Commission, TTC, is great for getting around the city. The new-to-me Harbourfront Street car is fabulous, and stops below the aquarium and continues into Union Station.

Saturday afternoon the aquarium is packed with kids, so be prepared.   If you snorkel and are into the ocean and sea life, you will really appreciate the displays at the aquarium.     My favourite was the  floor to ceiling brightly lit jelly fish tank,  it was very calming to sit watch the jelly fish sputter around the tank.   I spent around two hours at the aquarium, and it was nice experience and a way to appreciate the how beautiful the sea can be and that people should respect the sea,  not pollute it.



Now here’s my rant apart from what to do in Toronto…

Government needs to crack down on municipal and household waste, and boaters dumping their waste and garbage.   This especially hit home this week as I had plans to go to Parlee Beach in New Brunswick.  Those plans quickly got cancelled when I learned of the high e-coli levels from municipal waste and the nearby yacht club, such a shame.   Nova Scotia can also hang its head, the La Have River still has 500 homes flushing directly into the river. These home owners, and other who pollute, should be given a deadline to put in a septic system or holding tank or face fines.

Also,  endangered right whales were recently killed in the St. Lawrence from passing ships or they were caught in fishing gear.  Yesterday, my nephew was snorkeling and came upon a dead whale or basking shark (they are going back today to check it out) near Peggy’s Cove.  The whale face was chewed up,  no doubt from a ship.  No one purposely wants to kill or hurt a whale, but ships and boats need to better use sonar, recover their fishing gear and respect that they are in the whale’s home, not vice versa.


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