Lunenburg Day Trip July 9, 2016

It’s a foggy Saturday, and what to do in Nova Scotia?   I reviewed the usual websites, not much was listed.  On Facebook I found that there was a street party happening in Lunenburg.  Little information posted on FB or the event website, only that there would be music and vendors.  Better to go Lunenburg on a so so day and save the nicer days for the beach.

We arrived around 11:30 am. One of the main streets was blocked off and stores had set up tables of merchandise on the side walk.  Around the corner was a bouncy castle for kids, and a tent with musical acts.  The historic churches were also hosting open doors, I should have planned better for as I took a peak in one church but I would have liked to have had more time. Two horse drawn carriages made their way through the streets with tourists and an old fashion fire truck delighted kids and onlookers.  As adults, we saw a sign for a beer tent and got excited, but that was for the evening. ….darn, full communication is key when hosting events.

We walked by the barbecues with sausages on the grill but I wanted to have lunch at the Salt Shaker Deli. I had eaten there a few years ago with my mom, and while in Lunenburg I thought seafood would be more appropriate.    I ordered their award winning chowder as I had before with my Mom.  I joked with my friend how they had served our chowder with teaspoons and bread with no butter and we had to ask.   Old habits I guess die hard, I was served with chowder again with a teaspoon and I had to ask for butter for my bread.  Ironically, my friend ordered the Pad Thai, it was soupy and she asked for a spoon and they gave her a proper round soup spoon.    The food here is good and nice place to stop for lunch.  We sat outside on the rear patio and had a view of Lunenburg Harbour and the infamous Bluenose II Schooner. (It’s really III but that’s an embarrassing story.)

We took the long way back to the city and drove through Mahone Bay and Chester.   Along the roadways were yard sales.   We stopped at one in both areas.     Sometimes you can find really interesting things, and other times one person’s junk will also be your junk.    In Mahone Bay, the home owner had “No Trespassing, Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted” signs posted along their property, which was mainly the sidewalk on the ocean side, much is owned by the Department of Highways…. how friendly and good luck with that.   It kind of set the mood for me purposely not buying their damaged Made in China clock at a mark down from $90 to $45.   The best sales are the market in the grocery store parking lot on Sunday mornings in Mahone Bay. Vendors there also sell excellent and reasonably priced homemade pickles and jams.  For me, these are the best things to buy at open markets.

We made it back to Halifax for supper, fog still intact.



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