Nova Scotia Beach Experiences 2 – Visiting Nova Scotia’s North Shore

Red mud is more than limited to PEI.   Nova Scotia’s Amherst Shore shares this rougy wonder.   This area is on Nova Scotia’s Sunrise Trail and the waters of the Northumberland Strait. Amherst ShoreThe red sand looks great in photos, but up close it’s more brown.

Heather Beach

This year we cottaged on Heather Beach and visited the surrounding beaches near Pugwash.

We even took in the local festivities one afternoon of at the annual Pugwash HarbourFest.

Pugwash Telephone PolePugwash Street Festival

This area hosts a plethora of cottagers, the population most likely triples during the summer months. Every laneway has cottages that range from small houses, to converted tool sheds and campers….all longing for the scenic beauty of the calm Atlantic waters.

Heather Beach cottagesheather beach trailer 3

The beach here is not deep and stretches into the sea. Swimmers can walk for quite a while and not go much over their knees. During low tide we observed where the sand bars were and the rocks, so when the water rose we knew where the best place was to swim. This particular week in July the sun was in hiding and the water temperatures rivalled the chilly Eastern Shore.

Low tide heather beach

Those people who were on vacation made the most of their time and went to the beach, cloud or sun, to take advantage of their precious days away from work and home. I suggest bringing a chair rather than a blanket to enjoy the beach as the sand is pebbly. Heather Beach also is a provincially run beach and has life guards on duty, better for litter kids.   However, there is no canteen or store on the beach. The closest store is a 10 minute drive away near the Amherst Shore Provincial Park.  Best to pack snacks and picnic at the beach when visiting the North Shore beaches of Nova Scotia.

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