Authorized Explorer Quotient Trainer

This week I participated in Explorer Quotient (EQ) certification training by the Canadian Tourism Commission.

What is EQ?

Market analysis is an important first step when developing a marketing plan. Market segmentation is a marketing analysis technique that allows businesses to group customers into “segments” based on given criteria such as demographics, geography or even psychological factors (attitudes, beliefs and values). This approach allows tourism businesses to identify and understand those segments that are most likely to buy their products, to then better align their marketing and product development efforts accordingly.

Put simply, EQ is a market segmentation system based on the science of psychographics. Environics Research Group, a globally respected player in social values and consumer research, developed EQ for the CTC, to apply sophisticated, values-based segmentation specifically for the travel market. Psychographics is an evolution of the traditional field of demographics. Instead of just breaking travellers into groups based on age, income, gender, family status or education level—all of which is useful information—psychographics looks deeper at people’s social values and views of the world.

EQ breaks each geographic market down into different psychographic groups, called Explorer Types. Each type is identified by particular characteristics stemming from social and travel values, travel motivations and behaviours. Working together, our aim is to use this sophisticated tool to attract international visitors or those outside your region.

EQ logoExplorer Quotient Authorized Trainers or EQATs provide customized support to help you get the most out of EQ in your business. EQATs have received in-depth training and are ready provide customized advice to apply EQ in your business and to help train your staff.

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